Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sunday Best.

This Sunday I thought the boys were looking especially handsome in their little church clothes. Why not capture a little picture of them looking so cute?
 Easier said than done... apparently. I cannot get both of them to smile in the same picture. It's nearly impossible.
 What I think is funny about this outfit B has on is that Quincy was wearing it last year. The shirt alone is size 4T, granted it's a tad bit big on Mr. B, but not by much. Don't you love the little handkerchief in his pocket?
 We even tried bribing B to smile with Cheeze Its, and eventually he just looked like hamster with stuffed cheeks. lol
 Quincy is looking grown up lately---less 'little kid' and more 'big kid'. He also got some new church shoes (he was excited that they were like Tyler's).
Won't they be cute when they have their little brother with them?

Awwww..... my little Howard Boys. :)

1 comment:

lindquist said...

Yes, they do look quite dapper.

And YES, three little boys in MATCHING OUTFITS (tyler) would be even BETTER!!!!!