Monday, April 14, 2014

Zayden's 2 Year check up.

It never fails. 
Since Z has a birthday almost at the end of March his check ups always fall in April.
 I never have his birthday stats on his birthday post. 
But I am putting them up anyway. :) 

Zayden's 2 Year Stats: 
Weight: 26.12 pounds 
Height: 33 inches

He did very well at his appointment. I was running late and speeding, but me made it on time. I hate having to reschedule, especially since I schedule their appts. for the perfect time around 1:00 when the office is slow and we get in and out quickly! 
Looking at all the fish: 
Helping me fill out paperwork: 
Feeling pretty proud of himself after a good check up.
Looking at cars while the nurse prepares his shot. 

He only had to get one shot and by the time he realized it was happening it was done. He didn't even have a chance to cry. I told him he did such a great job that we would go get ice cream for a treat. He was super happy about that news. We stopped to see Tyler at work and then walked over to McDonald's for dollar ice cream cones. The weather was so lovely we ate them outside. 

It was also great to hear from all my boys how I'm 'the best mom ever'. 
Amazing what a little ice cream can get ya? :)

I'm so happy to have this cheesy kid as a part of our family! 

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