Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Get-away for Tyler and Kati

At last we were able to enjoy a weekend "retreat" so to speak. Tyler's parent's offered to take Quincy overnight this last weekend. With the amount of stress that's been in our house hold lately, we gladly accepted their offer.

Friday night they drove here to Boise and we all went out to eat at Oceans 59 (or something like that) for fish and chips. After wards we came back home, gathered Quincy's overnight bag, and waved goodbye. You'd think that he'd be a little unsure about leaving us, but oh no! He practically ran to their car not even glancing twice over his shoulder. This might make some parents sad, but we were in need of a good break. All in all, it was a relief for everyone.

I think Tyler and I forgot what it was like to not have a kid. Amazing. It's only been 2 years and we had forgotten what it was like to be just a couple. However, it was something like riding a bike.... we picked up where we left off. We stayed up late Friday night, slept in Saturday morning, I made us breakfast, and then we went for a short day hike. The weather was perfect! We ended up hiking at the Hulls Gulch Reserve. It was pretty and there was quite a bit of wildlife to look at. It was a short hike, something like 2 or 3 miles.

I would have liked it if we were able to hike in more of a forest, but we wanted a short hike which is why we settled for Hulls Gulch. It is in the foothills in North Boise.... the picture below shows the top of the city.

Tyler packed our water in the manly "back pack" that's from Toys R Us.

There was a pretty pond we were able stop by.

The last of our trip looked a little like this:

I do have to say, it's hard to beat that blue sky though..........

This was the pond... a little taste of the kind of scenery I'm used to from hikes my family went on growing up. Speaking of, I can't wait until we're over that direction next time... I'm dying to hike over by Multonomah Falls.

After we finished our hike we decided to stop into the Boise Co Op, it was pretty impressive... for all the time we have lived in Boise we'd never been there until last Saturday. Mostly they carry organic food items, but there are also a variety of other things too.

Later that night we decided to have dinner at a restaurant in down town Boise called Mai Tai. We got a gift certificate for $25 that we only paid $3 for. Talk about a good deal. Let me tell you, the atmosphere in the restaurant alone was amazing (everything was so modern chic with a Thai twist) .... in addition we had great service and a large menu selection.

Since we had a gift certificate we went all out ordering drinks, an appitizer, entree's, and dessert. I think our waitress was surprised when she asked us if we wanted desert and replied with a yes. After all, who spends that much money on dinner in one night?

When our food finally arrived I so badly wanted to take a picture. Seriously, it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I almost didn't want to eat it..... ALMOST. Tyler would have been embarrassed if I had taken a picture and he reassured me that I could find a picture off their website. However, I couldn't. I'm kicking myself now because it was incredible. I tried to google to see if I could get somebody elses, but had no such luck. These pictures were the best I could find. Tyler and I totally recommend Mai Tai to anyone.

In the future we hope to have more get-aways or at least date nights. It was completely refreshing to spend time together as just husband and wife.


lindquist said...

The best piece of marital advice I've ever heard is "Date night is cheaper than marriage counseling"

Words of wisdom, right there.

Haley + Adam said...

I'm glad you and your sweetheart had some alone time! =) Although I'm sure that it was so good to be with your adorable little munchkin when you got home ;)

And AMEN to the desire to hike Multnomah Falls...gorgeous! nothing like the good ol' NW :)

Amber and Ryan Howard said...

I'm jealous. I miss our hiking days. We've been trying to find a place we can go hike when its not over 100 degrees outside. I think we are going to have to go at 4am though. I LOVE date nights!!!