Monday, June 1, 2009

How much is really Necessary?

I've been working more hours recently and while working this past week I had two interesting experiences.The first one was a $200 flower arrangement sent to a daughter celebrating her 29th birthday from her mom. I told my mom, IF you feel the need to spent $200 on me for a birthday present, PLEASE just give me the money!

The second interesting experience I had at work was with a gentlemen. A man phoned in to have a $100 arrangement sent to his wife as an apology. He sounded really distraught, and apparently REALLY needed it to be impressive. Again, don't you think that if you were apologizing to your wife you could maybe manage to do it without spending $100 of your money?

I'd take a back massage/ foot rub, or a pedicure/manicure over the $100 worth of flowers.... but hey, that's just me. Am I cheap? Do these situations sounds crazy or is it just me? Whatever happened to 'economic hard times'?


Jennifer P. said...

Agreed and agreed! I love flowers and wouldn't want to hurt your business or anything---but, yes, there would be better ways to 'impress' me. Those flowers are super gorgeous though!!!

lindquist said...

It's just cuz' you're so thrifty (like me!)!! I do think it's funny though that if those spend-thrifts DIDN'T do that, YOU wouldn't have a job! ha ha Keep them coming, right?

As usual, your arrangements are simply beautiful, sis.


Amber and Ryan Howard said...

ok that is insane. Give me a single daisy and then the extra $197 in cash and I'll go shopping. Haha Let's see, I could buy some new jeans, shoes, and all the accessories to go with it. Craziness!

Lance and Becky said...

I wonder what that mom will send her daughter for her 30th? You wouldn't there were "economic hard times" here, people in Santa Barbara spend like its their last day on earth!

Kati Howard said...

True, it's those crazy money spenders that keep my job intact... I'm not trying to discourage people from spending... just that they conserve a little for their savings. I wouldn't want anyone to go into debt for a flower arrangement. After all, I get paid no matter what the size of the arrangement is, whether it's 20 or 200!

Ha ha Becky, yes.... imagine the 30th!