Sunday, June 21, 2009

Growing boy....

It never ceases to amaze me how much my little baby is growing up to be quite the 'big boy'. He is constantly surprising us by the things he says. For instance, he notices the littlest things... like when we're in the car he tells us every time he sees a truck, the mail man, a garbage truck, or airplane. He also tells us when the light at the intersection turns green... and he even knows that it means we can go. He loves to tell us when we're home... anytime we've taken a little car trip he loudly announces when we pull into our driveway "I'm home". I'm glad to know what it means to be home.
I suppose that growing up is stressful because the other day he woke up with this huge zit on his face. Quincy also loves to build things with his mega blocks and recently told me he was building Grammie's house with them. He is imaginative, comprehensive, loving, and most of all funny.

He will do anything for a good laugh. We went to a ward Luau yesterday and we soon realized that our son was constantly making his way to the stage for a great performance.

Quincy loves to sit in this camping chair from his grandma and grandpa Howard.

It's *his* little chair.

Although I have noticed that every once in a while Tyler tries to sit in it. :o)

Even though Quincy has his moments, we are thoroughly enjoying watching him grow up.....

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lindquist said...

Yup, our Q-man is getting big. Time for another independant trip to Grammie and Grand-PAS! house!! I like that he was thinking of my house and building it with his mega blocks. I miss you guys. Hugs and love and squeeze on Quincy just for me!