Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby You can drive my car...

One of Quincy's favorite things to do in the car is be in the driver's seat. Go figure, he's a guy. Every now and then when we have to pull the car into the car port we let him sit on our lap. He loves it. It's so funny because he likes to pretend like he's actually the one driving it, he puts his hands on either side of the wheel and moves it back and forth. He has yet to learn how to honk the horn, since it requires a little more pressure than he can give it, but it's a good thing.

Beep Beep Beep Beep...... Yeah!

Honking lessons again.

My Boys.

On a weird side note... Quincy sat on the floor with my flip flop and played with it for 20 minutes straight. He would push the part of the shoe that goes between your toes in and out of the sole. I thought it was funny that he was so fixated on it. He was the same way with tags on any of his toys.

Weird, I know.

The Boys just being happy... his teeth are finally through... the ones on the bottom anyway. They have yet to get all the way through, but have at least cut through his gums. It's about time.... he will be 2 in August!

Oh and as another side note... Quincy has really taken to pooping under his crib. Luckily he's still wearing diapers, but still I feel like it's quite the bad habit he's starting. We know every time he needs to poop because he hides under there to do his business. He still refuses the potty, though he understands what it's for; he wants nothing to do with it. For now he's content pooping under the crib. I guess I don't blame him for the need of privacy.

Ahhh... I have to keep reassuring myself that he's still young... and "they" say that boys take longer, but can't my little boy do it now? He's so smart. He knows all his ABC's and has learned to count from 1-4 without any coaxing. Seems like where he's lacking the enthusiasm for pooping in the potty he's making up for in the education department.

I'm proud of him regaurdless.


Cherie said...

Hey Katie! I haven't had a chance to catch up on your blog for awhile, but I made time this morning! I'm sorry to hear about Tyler's job and having to work full time yourself. I'm sure that has to be hard! Best of luck to Tyler to find the RIGHT job for him and your family.

I read that hiding while they poop is classic for this stage. They are getting ready to potty train, but each kid will do it in their own time. I can't WAIT for the day when we can ditch our diapers. Lily is far from ready (um, she's only 15 months). But it's going to be a potty party here the day she is done!!!

lindquist said...

grammi likes going potty in the back yard at night to fertlize the grass
xx gr lgl