Sunday, June 21, 2009

Living Large

Well, a couple of months back we bought some new bedding. I held off on buying some sheets until I found a better deal. I had in my mind a picture of what I wanted in a set of sheets.... something a dark chocolate brown, soft, and good quality.

That's what we bought last week. I found some beautiful chocolate brown striped sheets that are Egyptian Cotton for $23.99 at ROSS. They feel nice and I think they really tie together our over all picture for our master bedroom.

It's really too bad nobody sees our room... it's the nicest looking one in the house. I told Tyler a while ago that I was willing to compromise on hand me down furniture throughout the house, including the living room, but that I wanted our room to be something of a retreat.

Not everything in it is brand new or brand name, but I feel it reflects what we want in a master bedroom. Someday it will be even nicer. Ahhh, *sigh* for now it's Just Right!


Wii are the Nelsons said...

It looks so great! I keep looking for just the right bedding too....some day everything will be just the way we want it

lindquist said...

I wish MY bedroom looked that good!!! Next time I'm in town let's hit savers and find some matching end table we can paint to match your dresser! Okay? I love your sheets. They look like good quality and the color screems STYLE!