Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Fun

At last summer is here and my son apparently thinks, as does Tyler, that it is acceptable for him to run around outside in nothing but a diaper.This particular morning Quincy went outside early in the morning and was running around with his dump truck.

He recently has learned how to open the front door, this is something that I'm not so excited about. I guess we will have to start locking the dead bolt. It makes me nervous that he'll open the door and run outside when we're in a different room and we won't hear him and that he'll get hit by a car or kidnapped. I know... it probably sounds like I'm a mom with an over active imagination, but we don't exactly live in the nicest neighborhood.

He has also taken to putting things on the couch, such as this dump truck. In addition to putting things on the couch, he has learned to climb behind the couch. It's like his *secret* hiding place.

I love this last picture because I asked him to say 'cheese' and this was his reaction.

Aren't we over-doing it a bit Quincy?


lindquist said...

Q's legs are looking long! He for sure is getting bigger!! And what's that on his wrist, a bracelet?

Kati Howard said...

Haha, yes whenever he finds my pony tail holders... which quite frequently end up all over the house... he puts them on like bracelets. He even calls them bracelets. Tyler hates this, oh well.