Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

I think that I'm really loosing a grasp of reality. With how much I've been working I sometimes forget what day it is... and unfortunately for Tyler today I forgot until just before church that today is Father's Day. Tyler's such a good sport though. He got some treats at church and I let him watch golf all afternoon, which was torture for me, and in itself showed just how much I love him. :o) Tyler is amazing, I'm so glad that he is the father of our son and future children. He is a wonderful dad and such a loving husband.

Happy Father's Day Tyler, I love you so much!

Also, I wanted to tell my Dad Happy Father's day.... he has been a great example of what a father should be. I was very lucky to have a dad who was so involved in our lives and righteously presided with the priesthood in our home. I love you Dad.


lindquist said...

Happy Father's Day Tyler! Thank you for being a great dad to Quincy. You've always been involved, from minute one. Taking those pregnancy photos, going to appointments, being there during the birth, the checkups, everything. I still laugh when I think about after Q was born and it was the middle of the night and you THOUGHT you were bringing the baby to Kate and your arms were empty cuz' you were sleep deprived (or sleep walking) or something! That still makes me smile. We love you and are proud of the husband and father you are. Thank you for making us GRANDparents!

Jennifer P. said... cute! I'm sure he's fully forgiven you--especially with the golf thrown in there :)!

Love the new bedding and the garden too....and I can never say enough about that cutie pie Quincy!