Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hello Pipa

Thank you all for your congratulations!

My Doctor appointment yesterday was pretty eventful. Both Tyler and Quincy went with me, which was actually pretty nice. Quincy really didn't know exactly what was going on, but managed to show a great deal of enthusiasm. Before my actual appointment started I went to get an ultra sound.

The ultra sound technician commented on how cute Quincy was and said multiple times that she couldn't believe how well he was talking, or how much for his age. He pointed things out the whole time, he even said "take baby out?" We assured him that they weren't going to take the baby out, but that we would be able to see the baby. Both Tyler and Quincy watched as little Pipa made its appearance on the computer screen.

It's always reassuring to see a little baby there in my tummy. Although I feel all the symptoms of being pregnant, there's nothing like seeing that little body on the screen. Pipa looked very healthy, but because I'm only 8 weeks 6 days was only 2cm long (about the size of a split pea). I noticed this made a big difference in the ultrasound because it was more difficult to get a clear picture of Pipa. When I went in with Quincy for my first ultrasound I was 10 weeks and the picture was much clearer, as his body was a little further developed. Pipa had a heart rate of 174bpm. Which the technician said is great. In fact the first thing I could really distinguish before she got clear picture of Pipa was the heart beating. It was very clear.

I wish I had a scanner to let you all see the picture better, but I don't. So here's a picture of a picture. Hopefully you get the idea.

Before the technician started the actual ultra sound she asked how this pregnancy was going, if I think everything seems normal, how I was feeling etc. How do you really answer these questions? "Well, lately I've been feeling really crappy and sick, but other than that everything's fine."

I've only been pregnant one time previous to this one, so how would I know if everything's "normal". This one's definitely differnet from the last, but what does that mean? She also asked, do you think it's twins? This question made me nervous. Why would I be expecting twins? I said, "Don't twins have to run in the family?" She replied, "Actually, no. We have recently had lots of women coming in who have naturally conceived twins and even triplets." Again, at this point I'm feeling a little more nervous, I had a difficult enough time carrying one baby. The thought of doing two at once....................unfathomable.

Quickly my nervous thoughts disappeared as the ultrasound started. Everything was going along as anticipated. She commented on the different things we were watching on the screen.... this is the uterus, this is the baby, here's the heart beat, here's the sac etc. etc. Then there was this one area she kept navigating back towards.... she seemed like she was probing it for more details. I myself was trying to figure out what it was as well. Finally she said, "Well, it looks like you have another egg sac here."

Suddenly that nervous feeling returned. Could it be possible that the technician was right about the multipes bug? Did I really catch it? Oh good heaven, I couldn't even think about there being 2 in there. As she poked around the get a better angle of the second egg sac she said, "Well, I don't think there's anything in it. I can't see any signs of a forming baby. But this is interesting."

Hmmm.... interesting? I dunno about that. I probed her further for some infortmation. "What does this mean?" She told us it could be lots of different things, another baby could have started forming, but just didn't devlop quite right. Or it could have miscarried. I thought it was strange that the egg sac would still be there and asked if it would have any affect on Pipa... to which she assured me that it should all be fine. Whew.... I was starting to feel a little better now. Because my doctor was called away to do an emergency hystarectamy I wasn't able to talk to her more about it. However, I do have another appointment next month to have a second ultrasound done to moniter the second egg eac.

I was able to talk to my doctor's head nurse Donna, who actually helped deliver Quincy when he was born. She assured me not to worry, as pregnant women already have enough to worry about. Ha! Pregnant women and worries? Oh not me, I have nothing to worry about these days, my life is a perfect vacation 24/7. But really I'm not too concerned, mostly because I have too many other things to be concerned about.

After all the excitement of the ultrasound was done I had the usual lab work: blood pressure, urine test, weight (I've lost another pound again), and lastly some blood drawn. I hate that last one. I really don't like needles...and sometimes just seeing them makes me want to cry. I have A negative blood, negative blood is uncommon-- what's ironic is that all of my brother's and I have it. Quincy also has A negative blood type like me, all my brother's (except for Scott who is O negative) and my Mom. When I was pregnant with Quincy I had to get the Rhogam shot because we don't know Tyler's blood type. Because Quincy is A negative like me, we still don't know if Tyler is positive or negative. If he's negative then I don't have to worry about all those shots.

I came up with the bright idea that she should just test HIS blood to find out his type. If it's positive then I'll have to get shots with all my pregnancies, but if not no shots. Plus I'm ALWAYS the one getting poked, prodded, and stuck with needles during pregnancy.... why couldn't Tyler join in the fun? So he did. Lucky him, he only had to have one tube drawn while I sat through four painful ones. For some reason they always have a hard time getting a vain in my arms... which usually results in countless pokes in different areas and lots of needle marks. Luckily the gal who took my blood yesterday found a vain, though she said was in a bad spot and might even be a little painful, the first try. It was painful, but better than being stabbed 10 times. You think I'm joking about 10? Not even close! So we're all done..... now we get to wait for the next appointment.

Wish us luck for next time.


Lance and Becky said...

Good Luck with the shots. Don't worry about the other sac, it happens a lot with IVF pregnancy. I think its called a disapearing pregnancy the second egg just doesnt form, and it doesnt effect the other sac. Your dr will just check on it. Keep us posted.

lindquist said...

Wii are the Nelsons said...

Interesting...hope all goes well with the next appt. too