Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hot cross Buns

Well the 'pre-potty training' is still going on around here, though quite unsuccessfully I might add.

(Look at these cute buns)

We've been trying to keep Quincy motivated about his new friendship with the potty chair. He's still reluctant to get to attached. We did, however, get him to sit on it for 15 or 20 minutes straight a few weeks ago. Of course he can't sit unless he has something to look at... so we read him some books to keep him distracted.

I think I'm the one who's more anxious for potty training. Tyler tries to keep reminding me "he's not even 2 Kati." I know, I know.... I just want to get it over with already. I think if I were home every day we'd be working on it morning, noon, and night. Perhaps if we got him in the habit of sitting on it 3 times a day, it would start a nice little routine.

Tyler is not this motivated... the thought of having to do this 'routine' exhausts him. So for the meantime, we're still trying to break the habit of him pooping under the crib.

Oh and as a side note... we gave him this water bottle to drink while he was practicing sitting on the potty. We figured that maybe if he drank enough he might actually feel the need to go while he was sitting.... nope, no such luck.
*Sigh* Someday.

***Note: one of my biggest dreams came true just a few short hours after I posted this. Quincy actually POOPED in his potty. It wasn't very much, but just enough to get him excited about doing the deed in his potty chair. He proudly helped me carry the container to the toilet to flush it goodbye. Eureka! I hope this little bit of success continues on during the next few weeks. Baby steps right? Oh and I apologize to all of you who don't have kids and probably think it's totally weird that I'm getting so excited about him pooping in the potty. You will understand some day. :o)


the cakes said...

So It may seem totally weird that I'm writing this cause you don't know me. But I'm friends with your fabulous mom and she gave me your blog address. So I've been stalking...a little. Anyway, Boys are hard to train. They have better things to do.I finally got my son a watch that has an alarm on it. I would set it for every 30 min and when it beeped he knew it was time to "go". That way it was the watch nagging and not me. And he was super excited about it. He's older than your son - so it might take longer for you - but about a week later he was totally done with diapers! It was THE BEST $18 I ever spent! Or maybe to start you could set the alarm for 2 or 3 min and that how long he has to stay on the toilet. Just some ideas from one crazy mom too the next. Feel free to "stalk" us too.

: ) Jessica

Katie Stacey said...

Man, I really need to start with Savannah! Does this mean they aren't babies anymore? Way to go Quincy!!!

lindquist said...