Thursday, December 25, 2008

I got the cookie fever....

On Tuesday afternoon my mom and I decided to make a bunch of cookies. In my parent's house my snickerdoodles are coveted..... once made they are easily devoured in 24 hours. I doubled the batch and made about 100 snickerdoodles. My mom also made a bunch of sugar cookies.... altogether we had quite a cookie bake off.

We told all the boys that they couldn't eat any of the cookies until we were all finished baking and decorating. It was killing them to wait! I like to bake and love to make cookies.... but the thing I hate the most when I come home to bake cookies is that I can't even enjoy all the hard work I've done to make them. The boys are always eating from the bowl of dough and picking off cookies as soon as they're out of the oven. By the time I finished there are maybe 10 cookies left... after I've made 50. This time we told them they would just have to wait.

Scott thought that decorating the sugar cookies with the colored icing would be a piece of cake... he was wrong.

Mom and I with a picture of all our hard work.

Don't they look so yummy?


lindquist said...


When they are pretty, they always TASTE so much better!

Thanks for doing that with me.


Kati Howard said...

I made Sugar cookies for the lake's today and I swear I've eaten about half of the batch. They weren't as pretty as the ones we made though. :)