Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow, SNOW, Snow

On Sunday it snowed a couple of inches and we decided that we should take Quincy out for his first 'real' snow experience. He has seen snow before, but was too little to really appreciate it.

Quincy got all bundled up to go play:

I forced Tyler into going out with Quincy.... Tyler was pretty opposed because he was already cold and we were in the house. After bundling up Quincy, we marched over to dad and begged him to go play in the snow.

Here Tyler is teaching Quincy how to make a snowball:

Obviously Quincy's really enthusiastic about the snowball:

This was after he learned that throwing the snowball at something (in this case the ground) was fun, again, notice the enthusiasm:

As if playing in the snow and looking at it, or even making snowballs, weren't fun enough, I decided we should make a snowman. Because the snow was so powdery this was as big as our snowmand got:

Quincy seemed to like this snowman and proceeded to say hi to him, notice the waving:

Quincy then starts to feel the Christmas spirit and get in on all the snow fun:

(More waving and a little more excitement)
Then Quincy really gets into it. He stomped all around the snow in our yard, which I don't have pictures of because Tyler wouldn't take any--- I was making the snowman--. He had lots of fun and was really sad to have to come back inside!
Oh the joys of SNOW!


The Cranes said...

How cute! He is growing up so fast! We miss seeing you guys, we have been out of town for the past four weekends and will be for the next two! Crazy! Anyway, did you get me comment about your apple treats?... :) yay

Kati Howard said...

Yes, I did. Thanks. :) I know what you mean, these last couple of months have flown by! I can't believe that Christmas is only in 8days... we'll be headed out next week to my parents house so we probably won't be back until after the new year.

lindquist said...

i love the snow too. i liked taking you guys out in the snow and making a big snowman. and i always thought it was funny that you kids and mom could never hit me with snowballs and i would just be standing there..
ps i like ur snowman it looks like Q bear
xxoo dad

Kati Howard said...

Well, that's just cuz we were little... now that we're all bigger we should really be able to gang up on you with snowballs. Plus, I have Tyler on my team... and definate bonus! Do you guys still have snow?