Thursday, December 25, 2008

Games anyone?

What do we do when everyone gets together?

Play games of course!

We played dueces (a game Tyler taught us to play):

Taboo, a favorite of mine:

And we even played Speak it Not. We weren't so good at this game.... it's basically the Morman version of Taboo..... only it was WAAAY harder since they had people's names. How do you describe Zorom without saying, Laban, Nephi, Plates, Jerusalem etc? It was tough, but we had fun. I suppose if you really studied your scriptures this would have been easier, we didn't know who several of the people were.

What games are household staples in you guys' homes?

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lindquist said...

PS - you forgot your favorite game, "In a Pickle"!!! aka - "Family Fight and Pointless Time waster". (I hope Aunt Renee doesn't read this...!!!)