Friday, December 5, 2008

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice.....

....That's what little GIRLS are made of.

I, however, do not have a little girl. I have been blessed with a little boy! And as the saying goes: Snakes and Snails and Puppy dog Tails, that's what little boys are made of.

My little boy is true to his colors.... He likes to spend his time helping his mom's patience increase. He is such a good helper at this. He likes to make sure she practices her patience several times a day! Now, all of you who don't help your mother's practice patience need to know JUST how much work this is. You can't just let her of the hook by stretching her patience one time a day... you must do it several times a day, and it's best to do it when she's finished completing something on her to do list.

Quincy: My mom is the best mom, she totally believed me when I told her that these baskets that were full of toys just crept off the shelf, dumped all their contents on the floor, and then proceeded to stack themselves on top of each other. You see, I told them to stop, that mom wouldn't be happy... but they just kept on going and pretended I wasn't even talking! When she walked in the room with her mouth open, I calmly explained to them.... "see- I told you so!" My mom is no ordinary mom though.... she helped me pick up all of the toys. Maybe next time those toy baskets will listen to me. I mean, I know her patience was stretched that time.... I'm not sure if she'll keep believing me after a while.

Quincy: Now, I swear I warned those toy baskets mom. I really did, but you should have seen them. They just said: "What are you going to do about it Quincy.... she's not going to believe you this time." Then you walked in and what happened?

You just gave that sigh you normally give when I've done something wrong and you helped me pick up the toys didn't even yell. In fact, I think you even read me some stories afterward.

Quincy: Later when you were cleaning the house I thought I'd let you know just how much I appreciated you believing me back then, I decided the best way to do this would be to help you out. Now, I know I'm not as good of a cleaner as you are mom, but I'm really trying to get better at it. I made sure that I stayed as close to your feet as possible while you were cleaning so I could learn how to clean just right. Unfortunately, I think you stumbled over me a few times, and I think I probably un-did a lot of the cleaning you had already done. You see mom, I just wanted to thank you.

Quincy: I just wanted to take my hat off to you mom. You know, you do a great job at taking care of me and dad. We're not always so great at nurturing, thank goodness that's your job!

Quincy: I'm sorry while we were at the mall I got a little distracted by all those shiny lights and all that silky material in the store window. I promise I won't be so self-absorbed when I get older. I think you're the greatest right now. I love making you smile... although I'm not always very good at it, sometimes I make you upset. I think even a few times I've hurt you.....

Quincy: ............................even though I've made you sad, or hurt your feelings, or slapped you in the eye, or bit your knee really hard with my teeth--- I just wanted to tell you that I'm so lucky to have a mom like you. A mom who takes me to the park:

Quincy: A mom who takes me for rides in the car... and who always makes sure I'm bundled up when we go out in the cold weather.

Quincy: A mom who makes me smile when I'm feeling down.
Quincy: You know, I don't think other mom's are as patient and loving as you are.... I mean, there have been a few times when you've scolded me... I guess I sort of deserved it. I don't always listen to you. And there have been a few times that I have ruined some of your favorite things. But that's another reason I'm lucky to have you mom, you always forgive me!
Quincy: Oh... and I guess I'm lucky to have dad too... he's pretty funny. I like him a lot. Good pick mom.
Well, as you can see.... Quincy's not always made of sugar and spice--- and then again, it's not always snakes and snails. Sometimes I can just be grateful that he's my little man. That he's healthy and happy... and has all that energy to test my patience.
What a good little boy he is. I love him so much!


Katie Stacey said...

This post made me laugh. Savannah is pretty sweet, but she's pretty much into everything. I finally put her book shelf and dresser in her closet because she was emptying them out daily, and I was so, so tired of picking it up everyday. Now I can limit the number of books she pulls out a day and I no longer have her pajamas scattered throughout the house. This is such a fun age, but also crazy how they are into absolutely EVERYTHING. I love the innocent expressions on Quincy's face when he is getting into trouble.

lindquist said...

Oh kati you are such a good story teller. Must be the HOURS YOU MADE ME READ TO YOU OVER AND OVER... the SAME ONE. And if I skipped parts you'd make me go back and read it to you again.

Quincy is cute.

Enjoy it. It only gets better - until he's a teenager. Then he'll hate you and won't look at you cute anymore and ask why you're LOOKING at him. Boy will times change.

I love you.