Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Everything was going just fine until..........

We were eating our yummy breakfast for dinner, and our belly's were stuffed full. I was clearing off our dishes so I could wash them. Tyler was helping by rinsing them in the sink.

I went back to the table to find this:

Quincy here had discovered that his small water bottle could be useful in washing the table.

He dumped out the remainder of his water bottle on the table and then proceeded to give himself a little wash also..... notice the wet hair.

Here he is showing his wet pajamas.... the pictures don't do it justice, because I couldn't get a shot of all the water everywhere with my flash..... but you get the idea.
I love him still. :)


lindquist said...

Poor little Q. He looks so sad in that first picture. He knows he did sumthin' he wasn't supposed to...

I do like his plump little belly in the last shot!


Kati Howard said...

Yeah.. he knew he did something wrong alright. Notice in the second picture he's slightly smiling to try and butter us up after he got caught.

And his belly is getting big!

lindquist said...

Well that slight little smile DOES butter Grammie up...