Monday, April 6, 2009

"Baby" BOB:

Since visiting Quincy's cousin Jakoby, he has taken to pretend holding "babies". For instance, he has a mega bloks dump truck man to ride in the dump truck, who we have named BOB. He picked up his blanky and wrapped up BOB and wealked around the house saying, "Baby sleeping." It was pretty cute.


lindquist said...

I like how he's wearing the purple necklace to get "into mother character"... ha ha Tyler! That's funny! Anyhow, I think it's sweet. It reminds me of when you were little .. you were 22 months when Spencer was born. And just like Quincy's little zipper monkey pajammas - yours were pink - you were watching me nurse Spencer. I looked over and you had your jammies unzipped and was nursing your little dolly. You had a nervous look on your face as if you didn't know if it was okay for you to be doing that or not... It was very cute to see that little mothering instinct in action.

Kati Howard said...

Well I don't think Tyler would approve of Quincy nursing baby BOB, but he's alright with him putting them to sleep. He is cute... and those beads are ones we got from the 4th of July parade last year. He loves them.

lindquist said...

Hmmmm.... sounds like he's ready to be a BIG BROTHER!!!
hee hee