Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Doing 'manly' activities:

Don't mind Quincy's outfit of shorts, a T-shirt, and frog rain boots. He has been outgrowing his shoes and we had yet to get him a pair of "play shoes" for outside. (Today we actually bought him a pair of sandals... since the weather is a little too warm for rain boots every day.)

Yesterday was a nice day. Tyler decided to pull out his golf clubs from storage and clean off the spider webs. Quincy seemed to like this activity seeing as how he was right by dad's side through the whole process. After they cleaned off the clubs, Tyler and Quincy practiced their putting.

Isn't this a cute picture of father and son?

And despite the poor quality of this one, because I was sitting from a distance, I like it because it looks as if Tyler's telling Quincy how to use the golf club and Quincy's actually listening. Obviously Quincy still needs some practice, perhaps a smaller pair of clubs would help too. :o)

My men at work.

And lastly, here's a picture of Quincy wearing his hand warmers. He thought it was funny to put these on his hands. I'm sure Tyler can't wait for the day that Quincy is actually big enough to go golfing with him. It will surely be a father son activity in the future.

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lindquist said...

This is a very cute post. Very sweet pictures of the guys together. Q is getting very big. And I think the shorts and frog boots add a certain 'something' to the cuteness of the whole thing.