Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sunday was a sunny day indeed.

Sunday afternoon after conference was over we decided to take a family walk down the street to the cemetery. I know what you're thinking..... a cemetery? But the reason we walked down there was because they have ducks, geese, and best of all swans!

The weather was perfect for a Sunday walk, and Quincy couldn't be happier getting out of the house.

He really loved feeding the ducks. I, personally was a big fan of the swans. They were so graceful reaching out their long white necks for the little cheerios and pieces of stale bread we were throwing into the pond.

The Cloverdale Cemetery also has reindeer. Weird, I know, but Quincy seemed to enjoy them. He kept calling the cows... I guess we have yet to discover what a reindeer is.

After we finished our lovely time at the "park" we were walking home and discovered this:

How sad. I felt so bad for this poor little duck who didn't make it to the pond to eat our treats. Of course I didn't feel bad enough because, like the good blogger that I am, I pulled out my camera to take a picture.

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lindquist said...

Seeing that picture of the dead duck makes me feel better about the time I took a picture of Spencer booger...