Thursday, April 9, 2009

Saving the big bucks!

We got some smoking good coupons this last week. We got one coupon for margerine at Albertsons for .49 cents a box, with a limit of 8..... so of course we purchased 8. Afterall, who can have too much butter? Then we had a coupon for spices at Walgreens 2 for a $1.00. I got 6 spices for $3.16! And lastly, but not least we got some Colgate toothpast at Rite Aid for .99 cents.

I love good coupons... which make for great deals.


lindquist said...

SMOKIN'! I love a good deal!

Just recently Winco was running a sale on boneless skinless chicken breasts for .98 a pound. We bought 8 pack for around $3.50. A day later we came back thinking we should get more and the SAME packs were $12.50!!! *That* was a smokin' deal...

lindquist said...
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