Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can you say holy basketball?

This past weekend we spent approximately 48 hours in a gym.... at least that's the way it felt! Tyler's parents, Mike, and Kelly were all here in town.

Mike's younger brother, Kevin, plays for the Jerome --- or as they like to refer to themselves as "J-Town" ---so we spent a lot of time watching games. By the end of the weekend I felt like Borah's High School Gym was our second home and not a very nice smelling home at that. The games were all packed since it was the final play offs.

We saw some really great ones... and some really painful games. The pictures below are from the Fruitland game. Those games were more painful to watch than any of the others. Fruitland, by some miracle ending up placing 2nd in State. Jerome, however, wasn't so lucky and finally placed 3rd in state. I think they deserved better, but you know how the saying goes 'you win some, you loose some.'

Sorry these pictures aren't the best quality. We were in the top part of the stands and because of the lighting I couldn't use my flash.... which made the pictures all blurry because the boys were moving. You get the idea right? :o)

Mike comes from a large family.... one of his nephews was there at the games. His name is Tyson. It's funny because he's a month younger than Quincy and almost half a foot taller. They had some fun playing, but found it difficult to share with each other.

Tyson's mom trying to convince him to share the basketball with Quincy. It wasn't working out so well. Both were tired and had been sitting in the gyms all weekend.

Eventually when Quincy got the ball, they tried to get him to make a basket. He tried.... but it was just a little too high up there for him. Tyler got a good workout for his arms though.

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