Sunday, March 15, 2009

Families are Forever:

While we've been here Quincy's had some sort of obsession with saying Karter's name. He calls him Uncle Kar Kar. I thought I'd post this picture of Kar Kar. Obviously he was tired from staying up until 2:00AM to watch the championship HS basketball game, Columbia River vs. Franklin.

Today we all went to church together. It is always fun to go to church with the whole family.... we take up a whole row. Of course we took a picture afterwards, like we always do after church -- it's kind of sad for me since Tyler's hardly ever able to come here with us, he misses out on doing things with my family. I'll just pretend that he's next to me in the picture. --

Church was the usual. Quincy was having a difficult time since my parent's ward starts at 1:00PM. It's right at the time when he's usually taking a nap. Although church with Quincy started something like this, sweet and innocent:

It ended up like this, tantrums and meltdowns:

This is after he calmed down from the melt down.

These are my parents:

Quincy fell asleep for like 20 minutes during sacrament meeting... he got woke up prematurely, which is why we had the melt downs, but shortly he forgot all about being woken up and started posing for the camera.
Johnothon and I give a quick smile for the camera:

And more smiling for the camera with Great Grandma Rena.

I love my Family! We will miss them so much when we leave tomorrow.

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The Wheeler Family said...

I love Quincy's little suit. Such a stud. I hope you had lots of fun in WA.