Thursday, March 26, 2009

Welcome Baby Jakoby!

We now have yet another cousin addition.....

This time he arrived from Tyler's side of the family.

Jakoby Vinton Hess was born Wednesday March 18, 2009 at 9:56Am. He was a whopping 6 lbs. 11 oz and a whole 18 inches long.

We were all so excited to meet him.

We decided to head down to Utah for the weekend to see the Hess family and their new little addition. Quincy couldn't wait. He decided that he would pack himself in the suitcase to speed things up.

Oh, I know this picture looks funny. Quincy always loves to wear our shoes around the house. It doesn't matter what they look like, or who's they are, or even what size they are compared to his little feet. Quincy also has had this sort of obsession with us lighting matches. He found a bobby pin while I was packing and was pretending it was a match as he was 'lighting it' on his football. What a creative little boy. I'm okay with the pretend matches... just as long as they stay bobby pins.

The drive down to Provo is about 6 hours. Yeah, six hours of trying to entertain this little boy. He finally fell asleep on the way down just before Burley, where we got gas and lunch. We let him get out there to stretch his legs for a minute or two.

He did pretty well.

You can tell he was sleeping by his little red cheeks. It was really nice weather on our drive down. I think that day it ended up being around 70*! It hasn't been that hot since last year. We were all pretty warm in the car and even managed to turn on the AC to stay cool just before we got to the hospital.

After driving.....

And driving.........

and Driving.....

and driving some more..........

We were finally able to meet Jakoby. He was smaller than ever and had a FULL head of hair! There wasn't anything particularly exciting about him, as most newborns don't DO much. However in Jakoby's defense, newborns sleep about 20+ hours a day. Needless to say Quincy wasn't extremely impressed at first. It was cute that Quincy can say his name. He calls him bebe` Kobee. It's pretty close. He eventually warmed up to Jokoby though.

Heather looked great. In fact I think Trevor looked more exhausted than Heather did-- probably because he was sleeping on that hospital chair. Both were excited to finally meet their little boy... we all were. I know they will be great parents.

It was funny to see Tyler holding a newborn baby again. He's not much of a baby kind of guy, with the exception of our own. He did, however, look pretty comfortable holding Jakoby.

After the second day Quincy had warmed up to the idea of holding Jakoby. I had to help a little, but I think this picture says it all. Quincy was fascinated with him..... someday he'll be a great big brother.

It's amazing how we all couldn't take our eyes of baby Jakoby. There's something about newborn babies that is just mesmerizing. Perhaps the fact that they were so close to the other world. And the fact that we are able to bring them to this world.... I dunno.

It's truly a miracle!

By the third day-- the day Trevor, Heather, and Jakoby came home-- Quincy was a pro at holding his new baby cousin, with lots of supervision of course. I love this picture of them. Quincy looks so proud and happy, and little Jakoby is sleeping, peacefully oblivious to all the cameras.

Quincy is so smart, here he was telling everyone to be quiet so Jakoby could sleep.

SSSSsssssssHHHHHhhhh everyone!

It was even more funny when Heather took Jakoby off Quincy's lap when we had finished taking pictures. Quincy looked upset and held out his arms. We all laughed because it seemed he had become attached to holding his new little cousin.

So of course, we let him hold him again.

No body could get enough of holding Jakoby.... of course Aunt Kelly was number one on that list.

Sunday morning we went to Trevor and Heather's ward. They have 9:00Am church... same as ours. We only managed to make it for sacrament meeting, but I'm glad we did. The couple who spoke talked on things that totally related to our lives right now.I think we were supposed to hear that counsel.

All in all it was a long trip, packed with lots of Jakoby time.
We're all excited that we get to see the Hess family in May for Kelly's wedding!

Thank you Heather, Trevor, and Jakoby for letting us visit you guys. We hope to be seeing more of you all!


Katie Stacey said...

What a cute baby. I think its cute that Quincy likes to hold the baby.

The 3 of Us said...

Isn't Jakoby cute? Looks like tons of fun. Quincy definitely needs a brother or sister...sometime...when you are ready....