Sunday, May 10, 2009

Te Amo Mae

What a wonderful holiday Mother's day is.... a celebration and day of tribute to those who have so graciously given us the very gift of life. My very own Mother has inspired me in almost every way. I know there were countless times that she sacrificed for me, lifted me up or consoled me, cheered me on from a distance or from my side, taught me things which only I would be able to pass on to my own children. My Mom prepared me for Motherhood.... in her own way. I am in awe of my Mom who continued to press on when I was ungrateful. I am in awe that she didn't ever give up on me. I am in awe that despite the way she must have felt, when I wasn't the nicest, she still loved me. I am grateful that she understood the divine plan of salvation and took on one of the most important roles she could ever have.... being our Mother.

I know it wasn't always easy being my Mom... I know that there were probably times when it was hard to appreciate the sanctity of Motherhood while spending countless hours making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, watching cartoons, helping create elaborate science fair projects, writing research papers, or enforcing late night curfews. Indeed my Mom faced many mundane tasks and yet revealed to us kids nothing but enthusiasm and joy.

There is no mother just like mine... she is unique.................. I wanted to write down all the things that make my mom special, but I couldn't pick name just one. I decided to pull out 'just a few' of things that my mom is... unconditionally loving
... is competitive, she hates to loose when playing games
... is very thrifty/ frugal, and has passed this trait on to me
... is creative, she can make something out of nothing
... is good at apologizing, I have learned to do this well from her example
... is trustworthy, I know she will never break my confidence
... is diligent, she does the best at whatever she's doing
... is committed to doing what a mother does best
... is extremely hard working, she taught us kids the real meaning of "work"
... is a good 'cheerleader', she was always there to cheer us on through good and bad times
... is supportive, no matter what we wanted to do, she told us we could
... is smart beyond her years, I always find myself asking her things
... is amazing
... is a great baker, another trait I've picked up from her
... is a wonderful homemaker
... is very spiritual
... is faithful, she had counseled me in times of trial to have faith when I thought I couldn't
... is brave, she helped me through difficult times of sickness and heartache
... is extremely kind, despite the fact that I wasn't ALWAYS kind to her
... is compassionate, she constantly showed us how to serve
... is a great comforter, she always knows how to make me feel better
... is respectful
... is responsible
... is adventurous, she encouraged us to do new things, and not worry about what others think
... is diplomatic, she was always breaking up fights and making sure everything was 'fair'
... is funny, she knows the power of laughter
... is tenderhearted, she taught us to recognize the spirit
... is resourceful, she enforced the skill of using what you have and making the most out of it
... is athletic
... is VERY musically talented, she taught me to pursue my musical talents also
... is a dedicated mother and wife
... is a great listener
... is a good story teller
... is descriptive when she talks, another trait I've picked up from her
... is an example
... is lovely and beautiful
... is a nurse, she taught us good hygiene and fixed us when we were hurt
... is a good organizer
... is a leader, and taught how to lead others righteously
... is a teacher, she showed me how to clean properly
... is a follower of Christ, she taught me to forgive
... is a psychologist, she showed me how to express my feelings
... is taught me to tie my shoes
... is a life coach, she taught me to never give up
... is patient
... is an example of what a good mother should be like, I'm constantly learning from her
... is simplistic and knows how to find beauty in everything
... is caring
... is selfless, she did so much for us without being asked
... is available, she was always there when I needed her

....My mom is one in a million and I'm so thankful to call her mine!

Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you, wish I could be there in person to tell you.

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lindquist said...

I sound like a regular boyscout! ha ha I was reading that thinking "Who is this saint?" :) Thank you so much Sissy. I love you too. I'm not all those things you said - but I'm glad you THINK I am! It's because of you kids that I strive to be a better person. And if it weren't FOR you kids... I wouldn't be a Mom. So thanks to YOU. Hope your Mother's Day was as nice as mine!
All my love,
PS - I like how you said I was competitive!