Sunday, May 3, 2009

Congratulations Mike and Kelly Williams!

Friday May 1, 2009 Mike and Kelly were sealed in the Twin Falls Temple for time and all eternity. It was a beautiful ceremony and we couldn't be more proud of Kelly! It was incredible to see almost all of the Howard and Williams' families there to support the happy couple.

Left: first picture as man and wife. Right: all smiles for outdoor pictures despite the cold wind!

Our day started off a little rough.... because Quincy and Tyler flew in late Thursday night, we were all pretty tired. Never the less, we dragged our tired bodies out of bed early to get to the Temple on time. Due to lack of sleep we just so happened to forget Quincy's church shoes, so he ended up wearing these new white tennis shoes I bought for him. Quite the complete look with his little black tuxedo.

Despite the rocky start to our morning we managed to enjoy ourselves for the rest of the day. It was fun to see everyone there.... many of the Aunts, a few Uncles, cousins, Grandparents and all the siblings were there. Now we only have one more wedding to attend before we're done on the Howard side. I don't think that Derek is making plans soon though. :o)

These pictures were taken previous to the happy couple coming out of the temple. Notice how thrilled Quincy looks to be trapped in his dads arms, in the top picture. Then note his expression in the bottom picture It's as if he's looking over his shoulder to be sure that he'll stay free to run where ever he pleases.

Tyler had a hard time trying to entertain Quincy. Look at Quincy's face as Tyler's trying to get him excited about 'something.' Obviously he's not buying it.

This picture look innocent enough. He saw other kids climbing up on this wall and thought it was a good idea to take time to 'smell the roses'. The downside was that the rock the wall was made out of was chalky and his little tuxedo was covered in white chalk. Nice!

After the wedding we had a nice luncheon with yummy food catered by the AmeriTel Inn. Following this Tyler, Quincy, and I opted to nap in the parking lot in our car.

This picture of Quincy on the top is probably the best one from the whole weekend and it's because we were bribing him to smile with Hot Tamales. The picture on the bottom is the result of a late night, no afternoon nap, too much sugar, and the final crash and burn.

Soon enough it was time for the reception. Of course there were some formal family pictures taken, but they were short and sweet. Did I mention how much more fun weddings are when they are not your own? You have plenty of time eat and socialize without having to stand in one spot for hours on end shaking hands with people you don't know. We love our family and are so very proud of Mike and Kelly's decision to marry in the temple.

Indoor formal pictures at the White House, where the reception was held in Twin falls, Friday night. I received many compliments on the flowers.... Kelly's Bouquet, all the boutonnieres, the corsages, and centerpieces. It was my gift to them and I was happy to do it.

Little Jakoby, isn't he cute in his little 'shirt and tie' and tiny boutonniere? I can't believe how much more awake and alert he was this time. He is getting so big. Soon he will be Quincy's size.... and won't that be fun?

This was the only decent picture I could get of Quincy the following night at the Fruitland Reception on Saturday. He hated his flower and tried repeatedly to rip it off... even after telling him that Jakoby had a flower too. Eventually he just dealt with it.

Just look at Quincy's face... can't you tell he'd rather be outside playing in the fish pond?

Okay and lastly, these two above pictures were our attempts at getting a family photo....

This was our closest thing to success at achieving a decent family photo. If Tyler and I had a dollar for every time we heard, "Oh look at how precious he looks in the little Tux!" or "Isn't he just adorable!" or "You need to have tons of kids if they're all as cute as this one" then we would be millionaires. True Quincy is cute, but his cuteness comes with a price. An exhausting one of running all over after him and constantly coaxing him into staying out of trouble.

All in all we had lots of fun eating, chatting with friends and family, and most importantly getting to see Mike and Kelly marry.

Congratulations Mike and Kelly we wish you the very best in your new adventures together!


lindquist said...

Why does it look like Q peed his pants in that one tux picture?? He still looks cute, even if it *is* pee. You all look very good. I'm sure it was exhausting but fun. And the flowers turned out GREAT!

Kati Howard said...

It's because I had to darken it to cover up his white shirt that was sticking out. Thanks... about the flowers.