Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving.....Late, as usual.

Just so you all know, I would have posted something sooner, but since we were at the Howard's home this last week ****the other older Howard's :o) ****and they only have dial up... I decided to wait.

Unfortunately I had to work on Wednesday, so we couldn't head to Fruitland until Wednesday later. We did, however, end up making it for dinner with them. Kelly was driving from Jerome and so she stopped by on the way through to "kidnap" Quincy. Later on Wednesday night Heather, Trevor, and Derek got there also. We all had fun hanging out and watched Anchor Man. --- It would have been Elf, but Kent had just watched it before we got there---

Thanksgiving morning consisted of the usual tradition, at least in the Howard home, of playing basketball. Kent, Tyler, Derek, Trevor, and Kelly left to go play a pick game of basketball with some other families from the church. Meanwhile, Teesy, Heather, Quincy, and I stayed home to get ready for the day and prepare for dinner. I was totally okay with hanging out at home. I helped with my usual forte, the vegetable, cheese, and cracker trays. By the time everyone got back from playing ball and showered it was dinner time. I felt like for one of the first times ever I DIDN'T over eat. Everyone else did... as expected on Thanksgiving. It was nice to have everyone there.

Most of the rest of our Thanksgiving weekend consisted of eating, playing games, watching football, talking, watching movies, and shopping.

Friday Tyler went to the BSU vs. Fresno State game with Derek. I thought about going with him, but decided that Derek would like to since he's never been to a game at BSU. I stayed back with Tyler's parents, Heather and Trevor. We did a little late afternoon shopping in Nampa and Boise. It was nice that we didn't have to compete with crazy crowds.... by the time we were out, all the madness had slowed. I was able to buy Tyler a couple of things, which I was excited about, because he doesn't know what they are.... or at least he claims he doesn't know. We later went to dinner at Red Robin.

Saturday I had to work all day, which kind of sucked. I told my boss two months ago that I would, and so there was no getting out of it. Plus, we need the money for Christmas, bills etc. It wasn't as bad as I thought, mostly we spent the day redecorating the entire store into a Christmas extravaganza! It was a lot of work, but the day flew by. Before I knew it... it was 5:30PM and my boss told me I could leave. It was perfect timing because I was able to make it in time to Applebees where everyone was eating dinner. By the time we finished eating I was exhausted!

Sunday we went to our ward, we would have liked to go to Tyler's parent's ward, but Tyler had to teach primary and didn't get a subsistute. Church was nice..... it's SO much nicer at 9:00AM vs. 3:00PM!!! After church we ate left over Applebees for lunch and headed over to my work for the Christmas open house. It was beautiful and we got to see Santa and have our picture taken with him for free. We ate cookies and drank punch and walked around to see all the pretty decor. I was proud to say that I had a part in the gorgeous production.

We are so blessed to have family who live close. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and really enjoyed seeing ALL of Tyler's siblings. We can't wait to see them again.... perhaps at a wedding? If not a baby blessing. Either way we're looking forward to it.

I'm especially thankful for Tyler, he has always been the rock in our marriage. He's loving and kind, and treats me well. He is a great father and an awesome husband.

I'm also thankful for Quincy who brings so much joy to our family. We thoroughly enjoy watching him grow and learn.

I'm ALSO thankful for my family.... and although we couldn't be with them this year for Thansgiving, I love them dearly. We are so excited to see you guys in a couple of short weeks!

This was the only picture I have of everyone this week... too bad Derek and Quincy aren't looking. Left to right: Heather (and baby Hess) Trevor, Teesy, Kent, Quincy, Kelly, Kati, Derek, and Tyler.

We are Thankful.

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